Wine Etiquette


Pouring, this action could not be easier, I believe many people will, but in the fall, when wine must pay attention, do not full of wine, the wine will be poured up to the third of a cup, or about the body in the cup Department diameter to suffice. Because, to leave enough space when not in the shaking glass to overflow to the outside of the wine; the same time, there is adequate space within the cup, you can retain the escape from the wine aroma.


For wine, the temperature is the most important, so when the toast, side glass is particularly important position. From the convenience perspective, the body holding a cupis the most natural and most stable. Many people also like to take the cup. But the correct position of the fingers upon her mug shot under the cup, or even bottom of the cup with the thumb and index finger pinching is correct, the reason for this is neither natural, unbalanced posture is correct, because the aspects of body temperature to avoid transmission to the wine, the other is to avoid the fingerprints to the cup body, affect the wine’s watch.

Some people may know, drinking brandy, elegant and romantic when you pose is to hold cup cup rod caught in the middle and ring fingers, the cup lift up the body with the palm grip cup position. That is, it is best not used for drinking wine. If, that wine temperature is too low, you can also use this position to heat the wine, rather than mechanically, dogmatically toast by the way mentioned above.

Western toast holding the cup at eye when, and watching each other, at least Heyikoujiu to show respect.


Do not immediately after the wine into the cup to drink, the entrance there is a shake cup action. The purpose of the release of Akira cup of wine aroma, but also to the oxidation of the wine left a more adequate time to allow the wine has a soft process. This is not down too much wine one of the reasons.

Akira wine cup to the bottom-up and spin down the cup of the direction of rotation. Huang good wine glass will prevent the formation of larger cup concave, thus speeding up the release of aroma and oxidation; It also has a beautiful spiral trajectory. Akira cup, it can not be out of the way until the wine. Akira Cup action can put some water in the cup to practice. But the water is not the same with the wine, a glass of water may have got to the spinning freely, the wine may still lose control of the land in the cup dangling, there is the danger of shaking out. Of course, can be lazy, to glass on the table, bottom of the cup with your fingers on the table according to “circle” wildly moving, in order to play the role of Akira Cup.